Corrective Action and preventive action

CAR refers to “corrective action request,” and it implies the demonstration of starting corrective action. Companies certified by ISO, consider CAR as the most regularly used terms for Corrective activity. The pith of CAR is to examine an issue that previously occurred and requires underlying driver examination and goals to avoid repeat.

Corrective action extends to the performance of suppliers and vendors and is responsive towards data and products/ services received or returned, from customers.

The procedure for Corrective and Preventive Actions is as follows,

  1. Examining the reason behind non-conformity of the incidents.
    1. Identifying the corrective action to ensure that incidents do not recur.
    1. Analyzing the process, work operations, concessions, quality records, service reports and customer complaints to Identify and rule out possible reasons for the non-conforming product.
    1. Analyzing trends in processes or performance of work/ services to prevent non-conforming incidents.
    1. Analyzing data and examination of services or re-worked to determine extent and causes.
    1. Introducing preventive measures to deal with problems to a level tantamount to risk encountering.
    1. Introducing the required improvements and corrections.
    1. Initially reviewing the adequacy of corrective measures.
    1. Subsequent monitoring of the effectiveness of the corrective action taken.
    1. Reaction to site incidents/ safety supervisor complain or reports of non-conformance from the market