We  reduce carbon emissions in the following ways: –

  1. Measure and monitor our carbon footprint at work : –

By installing energy monitors on different types of office equipment to find out just how much energy we use. We will Look at the energy bill for our organization and find out how much carbon dioxide (CO2) has been emitted.

  •  Switch off lights and equipment when not in use
    •  By switching off lights after the employees left the seat.
    • Put computers in sleep mode.
    • By putting Occupancy sensors to monitor activities.
    • Using more of daylight by increasing the size of window.
    • By putting the area lights in ‘DIM-MODE’ after midnight.
    • By using photocell for automatic switching off the lights first in the morning.
  •  Unplug chargers
    • We don’t allow unlimited charging of equipment and our staffs always switch off the power when charging is full.
  •  Print responsibly
    • Printing e-mail is a crime here if not most important.
    • Our special software makes sure only the first page of the e-mail gets printed by default setting.
    • We Use recycled papers or another side of the used paper to print e-mails.
    • Lower DPI printing is preferred in our offices which saves toner cost as well as energy.
  •  Recycle in the office
    • Every worker at our company vows to recycle all the materials they are using special papers. As a company policy we provide recycling bins for paper.
    • As company police we prefer using re-filled printer cartridges / toners
    • We insist our workers use the other side of the paper for rough work.
  •  Think before you travel on business
    • Our professional always thinks twice before trailing to clients and discusses matters face to face. As a ‘professional’& ‘responsible to earth’ company we prefer to use modern communication tools to meet face to face like video conferencing, 3G phones and document distribution net ways.  
  •  Buy energy-efficient equipment and appliances
    • As company police we only buy Rated A & B star products which are the most energy efficient. We only enroll those vendors for all our office/kitchen/site/store equipments who supply energy star A & B rated materials and have an energy policy in place
    • Our weekly maintenance schedule increases the health of the equipment which in-turn saves energy.
  •  Buy green electricity
    • We prefer to buy green electricity (where available) as a policy of the company, no matter if the cost is a bit higher.