LOCATION: Mharanibagh to Masjid Moth, New Delhi

CLIENT: Larsen and Toubro Limited

KV. Prateek Enterprises successfully completed the work of laying 220KV Cable between Maharanibagh to Masjid Moth.

  • We laid 26.524 km of 220KV Crossed link Polyethylene insulated (XLPE) single core cable. This includes laying and pulling of cable in open trench & road crossings using motorized winch, placing required no of cable roller, erection of trapezoidal holding for the three cable including supply of clamp. Installation of cable cover, sand filling & padding , warning tapes , as per site requirement, testing of cable , and transportation of cable drum & other L&t supply material from L&t store yard to work.
  • Road crossing by open cut method in soft soil, foot path, bituminous /asphalt Road/hard Rock. This trench was suitable for 2 circuits of cable as per site requirement. This included back filling, compaction, reinstatement and lying of 250mm & 40mm Pipe.
  • We drilled through Road, Railway and drain crossing by Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) method including 3 No., 250mm & 1no, 40mm dia Hdpe Pipe. It included mobilization, demobilization of equipment

We completed the project with testing and commissioning along with the road restoration

All the work carried out with requisite T&P, in an organised way and was completed on time before target date.