KV. Prateek Enterprises successfully completed the work for Bhutan Power Corporation limited (BPCL), which was dismantling one of the existing 66 KV switch-yard, Dismantling one of the existing  control room building equipment and erection, testing commissioning of new 2×20 MVA, 66/33 including all associated work at Paro, Bhutan.

  • We completed Installation and Erection of 2 sets  20MVA (ONAN), 66/33 KV Power Transformer,
  • We installed 5 sets of Circuit Breaker, 8 sets of isolator, 9 sets of instrument transformer,4 sets lightning arrester and a lot of conductor and hardware.
  • Cables laid in trenches on cable brackets and in ducts with complete scope of terminations including supply & fixing of cable gland, ferruling, tagging:.
  • 33 KV Power cables for 2,630 meters.
  • 1.1 KV Aluminum PVC Armored cable for 1,715 meter.
  • 33 KV, XLPE Aluminum earthed grade cable for
  • 1.1 KV in cable trenches on cable brackets/ in ducts,
  • Armored multi-strand  for 10,559 meters PVC Control Cables.
  • Manpower support was provided for Cable laying included in laying cable in trenches on cable brackets/ in ducts, complete in all respect including supply & fixing of cable gland, ferruling, tagging etc.
  • Earthing and lightning protection systems for the switch-yard complete with earth grid and mats, earth leads electrodes, shield wire with clamps and connectors and all other accessories and hardware was completed.
  • Various testing and commissioning were organized for transformer,cables, protective relay equipment as per regulatory guidelines.

All work was carried out with requisite T&P, in an organized way and completed in January 2017.