Location: New Delhi

Client: IRCON International Limited

KV. Prateek Enterprisessuccessfully completed the project of installing; testing and commissioning of 66kV, 1C x 800 sq.mm EHV Cable laying and associated work for contract CE-6 Lot-1 for Mass Rapid Transits System (MRTS) Project Phase III. We laid 75,374 meters of 66kV EVH cables in total.

We laid 66kV EHV Cables as mentioned below

  •  Laid 24,770 meters of Cables, from Gopalpur to Mukandpur and it was charged in August 2015.
  • We laid 29,184 meters of Cables, from INA to R.K Puram and it was charged in December 2016.
  • We laid 21,420 meters of Cables, from Gazipur to Vinod Nagar Route and it was charged in March 2018.

Extensive survey and the preparation of route plan enabled us to complete the work on time and efficiently and before target date.

We completed the project with testing and commissioning along with the road restoration.