LOCATION: Mazar-e-Sharif And Aybak, AFGHANISTAN


KV. Prateek Enterprises successfully completed the work of ETC of Substation Equipment and Substation Earthing which were associated with 220/20 KV Mazar-e-Sharif substation in Afghanistan.

  • Laid earth mat of 40 mm diameter MS Rod and risers included excavation, bending,                 cutting, welding, cleaning and painting of joints, back filling and earth compaction etc as per drawings, specifications and also included earth connection from risers to equipments, structures, etc.
  • GI Flats and Cu. wire included bending, cutting, welding, cleaning and painting of joints as per specifications and drawings for 40 mm dia MS Rod, 75 x 12 mm Galvanized Steel Flat, 50 x 6 mm Galvanized Steel Flat, Cleat Type Clamp Suitable for 75 x 12 GS Flat, Perforated Type Cable Trays Size 50 x 450 x 50 x 2.5 mm.
  • Laid cable  directly in the ground included excavation and backfilling and its termination as per specification of 20 KV, HT Cable, XLPE insulated, compacted circular aluminum conductor, armored, FR type, C1 category for  1C x 1000 sq.mm, 1C x 300 Sq.mm for 1.409meters and 0.369 meters respectively.

All the work carried out with requisite T&P in an organised way and completed in May 2013.